About Us

The Entertainment industry as one of the socio-economic factor that propels and contribute to the growth of a nation’s economy and human development, has no doubt proven to be undisputable in achieving its feat as a major sector that every nation needs as a bedrock for social integration as a result setting the pace for investors and businesses to thrive.

In this regard, WETZ was established and strategically positioned while focusing o ensuring optimum entertainment and hospitality experience for every individual irrespective of states, class, style and location.


With WETZ, you have no worries as our team is well equipped to ensure there is no dull moment when it comes to your satisfaction.

Entertainment and Creative minds experience and technical knowhow in delivering is one of our strategic concept for human development.

Get the wow experience and live in your world.

Let’s get WETZ

At WETZ, we do ensure brands and products exposure and activation enjoy maximum and optimum attention, thereby building clients, and consumers’ loyalty, which serves as a factor that contributes to the financial strength of businesses, resulting to a thriving economy